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Coach Keely: Transforming Lives, Two-Time Award Nominee

My mission is to empower families of all backgrounds to achieve true happiness and harmony in their households by providing personalised coaching and support. By helping families strengthen their communication, build trust, and foster a deep sense of connection, I aim to create the ultimate dream team where every member can thrive. As a mother myself, I believe that a happy and harmonious household is the foundation for a fulfilling life, and I am committed to making this dream a reality for as many families as possible. Taking the Chaos to Calm…

I understand the joys and difficulties of this balancing life and a career. My relatable approach and sense of humour will make you feel understood, supported, and inspired to take on whatever life throws your way.

I’m honoured to have been nominated and finalist for the ‘Business Mum of the Year Small Business Award’, and another nomination from Southern Enterprise Awards. I have a proven track record of helping numerous women navigate the ups and downs of life and motherhood while achieving their career goals. My personalised Relationship Mapping Sessions can help you kickstart your journey towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey, I invite you to message me today and book your FREE mini taster ‘Mapping Session’. Let me help you navigate the complexities of motherhood and life find the balance you’ve been searching for.

Having a Coach is a Life Changing Experience When Dreams Can Become Reality!

Your happiness, your health and your performance are my priorities! It’s easy to lose focus of the bigger picture and keep on track with our individual goals, I will teach you how to bring balance and success into your daily life. 

The most successful amongst us all are fully aware of the value of having a regular life coach (and business coach) to bounce off ideas and create realistic plans. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey! 

My job is to give you the tools and strategies to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. Perhaps, you may want a safe place to talk openly. After receiving coaching sessions, you will become well versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.  

Did you know I offer a FREE cosy cuppa over zoom? An opportunity to get to know me, to discuss areas you feel you want to tackle and to decide if I am the right coach for you with zero pressure. Book your zoom here.

Why Choose Me and Why Coaching Is For You Right Now

I am truly invested in my clients who are seeking long-term change, clients who will not accept living a half-hearted life come and see us. I’ll bring I have to give, to every session. You may want to totally reinvent yourself with a brand-new direction in your personal life or work life. You may be suffering with low mood, desperate to get some answers and put a plan together to move forward and be happy. You may struggle with discipline and emotional blocks that are holding you back. 

You will feel supported and relaxed whilst we have our sessions. To really turn things around you will have to put in some effort between sessions this is really important to your success, it’s all about ACTION. With coaching you receive more direction and tools to make these changes. 

Coaching is not endless. Clients will usually commit to our silver package as a minimum, (6 sessions) although you can choose how regular you have these, it is common for fast results to have them weekly. Once the six initial sessions have started, the momentum is building, and you can choose to use your next package to keep on top of your progress and goals. Monthly sessions become the most popular route; others prefer biweekly. It is all personal preference.  

Is Coaching For You? 
The answer to that is YES, anyone who is ready to be challenged, possesses discipline and happy to trust in the process is ready for coaching. You may want to open up a business or feel more empowered in your workplace, you may need to improve your confidence or simply have someone you can trust to talk to in confidence. You may come and see us for one issue and find other issues need to be explored first. Our sessions are a chance to breathe, think and discover more about yourself. 

At first, we will need to hear from you, we need to be equipped with as much information about who you are and how you work so we can create a plan. Some sessions will be the client talking through thoughts and feelings and some sessions will be us giving direction. This helps with creating mind maps, action plans and explaining the tools you will need to make changes and break habits. We are guided by our clients as to what tasks need to be tackled next.

We are here to support you throughout and to offer honest and helpful feedback. We are straight talking  and try to make our clients feel energised. You set goals based on what you want to focus on. Look at your strengths and your skills, look at how to action those plans. We will hold you accountable in taking your calls forward. We will explore barriers and limiting beliefs together. 

Enough is Enough! Hire a Coach!

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel going around and around and getting nowhere? Is life feeling like a struggle and unfulfilling, are you confused in the direction? Do you have a low mood and negative self-image?

These are just a few of the numerous good reasons to see a coach. We are here! what are you waiting for? Book a FREE call today 

Coaching Is About Helping The Client Live in Accordance With Their Values. Helping to Find That Balance That We All Strive For.

The Value of Coaching and What it Creates is Worth a Lot More Than the Fees Will Ever Cost. 

Through discipline, hard work and our clients accepting to make positive changes outside of their comfort zone, they will learn to improve their confidence and watch as amazing changes will happen. 

If you need to be more assertive at work, or if you’re going back to work after a baby or moving into a new line of work, we will give you the tools to work with. 

Perhaps you want to improve your confidence within a relationship where you simply need support in making a big decision? Imagine feeling in control and clear minded. Imagine feeling the fear but doing it anyway. 

If You’re Lacking in Self-Belief You May Feel Like You’re Drowning in Negative Thoughts. 

The voice in your head that creates negative self-talk and messages for example ‘I’m rubbish at this, I look terrible, I’m so stupid, it’s all going wrong’ or the harsh internal critic that is  irrational and catastrophise everything! we will assist you and quieten down the voice in you with learning and breaking bad habits. On the other hand, if you are full of self-confidence, it’s about knowing that you are enough and that you can handle almost anything.

The Best Investment You Can Make, Is In Yourself and In Your Future.
Let’s Talk Today

Coaching vs Therapy

Traditionally, life coaching was touted as suitable only for functional highflyers who wanted to take their life to another level, therapy was prescribed if you were dysfunctional or mentally unwell. However, both coaching and therapy have evolved and somewhat overlapped much since then. 

 Sometimes, you might want or need to improve your mental health and psychological well-being, as well as make tangible changes to your lifestyle or need help unleashing your full potential. Whether you’re suffering from low mood, low motivation, low self-esteem or whether you want to improve your life, your well-being, your relationships or achieve goals, we are well placed to help you. Book your discovery call and lets start your journey today.  

If Not Now then When?

You have got this far, you just need to commit to yourself that you are ready for the next stage of your life. Book your first session here!

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