Who Am I

Hey, my name is Keely and I am so pleased you have found me!

If you don’t know me already or heard of the work we do, let me tell you where it all started.  As the founder of ‘I am More’ it was only on maternity leave that I truly felt ready to explore this journey. The time it gave me away from the every day hustle of a busy sales role and targets, aloud me the space to evaluate where my passion lay. 

I knew that in a blink of an eye, I’d look back and question where the time went and regret not following my own dreams. It was in that moment, I knew that the imperfect me needed to stand tall and use my strength and passion to deliver the change I want to see for my children and the generations to come.     

As a child, I was always referred to as the old head on young shoulders. What wasn’t recognised was that I never wanted that title, but nobody understood that I had no choice. From around 4 years old (maybe younger) my life was a daily battle of survival with my close influencers being addicts. With any addiction then poverty, domestic violence and many other things can go hand in hand. In hindsight then I do wonder how we escaped the system, why social services never took us away? In the grand scheme of things, I am happy they didn’t, it makes me who I am today and drives the courage, strength and sheer determination each and every day to be more and to provide more. 


symbolizing a transformative journey. Starting with school settings, workshops, and teachers guiding students. Themes include matrescence, adolescence, and menopause. The graphics further illustrate emotional well-being, mental health, and identity exploration, creating a holistic coaching experience for children, adolescents, and adults. An array of colors and symbols depict empowerment, growth, and support in an educational environment. keely pierce

I truly believe that my workshops and tailor made programmes can empower a child just like me, for them to know it is ok, they will be ok and there is so much more to come. They deserve to be loved, to be heard and to transform into anything their heart desires. They have the power within to be inspired and to be seen.

I am More is dedicated to adding value to individuals’ lives, in a safe environment and with the tools to flourish and grow. The bespoke workshops and programmes are designed in partnership with you to cover a range of the PSHE curriculum and the new framework. They cover: Confidence, team building, identifying goals and dreams, coping strategies, financial wellbeing, emotional Intelligence and supporting a positive mental attitude. The opportunity to be curious and explore potential opportunities. 

Imagine the amazing opportunities that could be created, working together to be the change we want for our future generations.   We would love to hear your thoughts… Click here to chat!

A Lifelong Odyssey: Committed to My Ongoing Self-Discovery

As a certified coach and mentor, my journey of the last 13 years has taken me worldwide, learning from leading figures in personal development and self-mastery. I firmly believe that the key to discovering your next-level self lies in the ongoing pursuit of self-mastery.

The essence of my work extends beyond a lengthy list of certifications and awards. It is about offering an ever-evolving empowerment to those on their transformative path—individuals seeking clarity, success, and life balance. My approach is shaped by the genuine experiences of the roads travelled and lessons lived. After all, how can one truly guide and understand if they haven’t navigated similar paths themselves?

Exploring Possibilities Together. I'd Love to Hear Your Story. Reach Out Here

Sipping Success Globally: Crafting Your Ideal Lifestyle with a Worldwide Network

Venturing into uncharted territories, my journey has been profoundly shaped by global collaborations and insights from thought leaders worldwide. Extensive research into the delicate balance of family life and the pursuit of success has illuminated the challenges many face in defining their million-dollar lifestyle. Successful individuals recognize the value of investing in a coach who can propel them to their next-level self.

If our values and mission align, I invite you to join me for a virtual cuppa or cocktail over Zoom. Let’s explore the possibility of embarking on this


"An absolute force and a legend. Fierce and strong. Works tirelessly to achieve the best she can achieve, not only for herself but for those she holds dear (sometimes at the detriment to herself) Kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness are the driving force of her actions. "
"Positive, strong, kind, organised, helpful, efficient, good listener, ambitious..... Just all round an amazing young woman!"
"Keely is kind, thoughtful, selfless individual. She has immense drive to succeed in anything she pursues. Her empathy of others enables her to provide words of wisdom and reassurance to others".

A Few Amazing Individuals Were Happy to Share Their Opinion of Me and Here’s a Little Snapshot…

"Keely is a very confident woman with her head firmly screwed on. She has the work hard play hard down to a Tee. Heart of gold and will help anyone if she can. Always available for advice no matter what’s going on in her own life. If you don’t know Keely you’d think she was born with a silver spoon but don’t be fooled. This woman made an amazing life for herself and her family through her own efforts and hard work. I’m pretty sure she will be a self-made millionaire by the time she’s 40 and she will only have herself to thank for it. Wise, lots of wisdom!".
"A loyal friend and colleague. Trustworthy, honest and a huge support in good times and bad. She is determined and driven. Keely put's 100% into everything she does. Never afraid to try new things and will only ever succeed! As hard working as she is, she always make time to have fun. The life of the party and an amazing hostess. Gorgeous inside and out!".

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